About Velozine

Velozine is an online-only publishing platform, aimed at Dutch-speaking off-road cyclists. Since its foundation in 2011, Velozine presents itself primarily as a mountain bike website. But mountain bikers are typically broad-minded and the content on Velozine reflects this. The name ‘Velozine’ [ve·lo·zi·n] is a contraction of the French ‘velo’ and ‘magazine’ and is therefore immediately explanatory but also not limiting. We look beyond wheel diameter, tire and handlebar width. In addition to mountain bike related content, you will also find plenty of articles about gravel biking, bike packing, cyclocross and the occasional BMX event.

At Velozine it is our mission to spark interest, share enthusiasm and get people to think, rather than to serve fixed opinions as truth. Background information, knowledge and reasoning are our core values to create proper context for our readers.

With this approach we have a broad reach amongst Dutch speaking, seasoned and experienced mountain bikers and off-road cyclists in general in the Netherlands and Belgium (and beyond).

Want to collaborate with us? We are always open for collaborations, simply get in touch with us.

Editorial philosophy

All content about news, a product, a service or a situation on Velozine is by definition based on the knowledge, experience and values of our editors. Given this starting point, Velozine consciously does not claim one hundred percent objectivity. In fact, that’s not even possible. Rather, the opposite is true: the knowledge, experience and values of our editors create a context necessary for evaluating products and services. Without that context, we believe that an accurate assessment is not possible.

By examining how and why an editor forms a certain opinion, you as a reader can decide for yourself whether or not this viewpoint also fits you, using your own knowledge and experience. The final judgment therefore always rests with you, whereby we see it as our task to inform as completely and transparently as possible.

Banners and journalistic ethics

Although all of Velozine’s content is free to read and view, production is of course not free of costs. Making and maintaining Velozine requires time and money. In addition to a professional editorial team and a handful of supporting volunteers, we work with industry partners and advertisers to cover costs.

Within the collaboration that we enter into with these parties, they pay for the visibility of their services and/or products. You can see this in some of the topics we discuss and/or in the banners you see on Velozine.

Velozine greatly values journalistic independence. All collaborations that we enter are based on the fact that the editors, without exception, retain complete freedom in the weighting of the content. In other words, what an editor thinks of a product or service is not dictated by the industry partners and/or advertisers.